Tag: French

  • Marais Lounge Set

    Marais Lounge Set

    A living room set designed to work wonderfully with our Marais Apartments, consisting of a deconstructed French settee available in 3 upholstery options, and a matching set of distressed walnut tables with glass surfaces.

  • Marais Apartment

    Marais Apartment

    Parisian-style single room apartment with beautiful details. Available in 4 colors (white, blue, oak, black) or a fat pack with all.

  • Parisien Dollshouse

    Parisien Dollshouse

    What would the children’s playroom be without a beautifully crafted miniature dolls house in the corner? That’s the spark of inspiration that led us to create this Parisien Dollshouse, and we know you’ll wonder how you ever did without it the moment you unpack it.

  • Francais Cafe Set

    Francais Cafe Set

    Table, chair, book, coffee cup, newspaper, and ashtray in one pack OR decor items available individually.

  • Mantaut Cabinet

    Mantaut Cabinet

    Bring the provincial flavor of classic French décor to your space with this gorgeous wooden curio cabinet. From its tiered cornice and rich burgundy color to its sturdy base and handsome wide door, this piece is brimming with traditional character and style alike. The clear glass door reveals three shelves inside, making a fine home…