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Marais Lounge Set

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Settee in 3 upholstery options. Coffee table. End table.

A living room set designed to work wonderfully with our Marais Apartments, consisting of a deconstructed French settee available in 3 upholstery options, and a matching set of distressed walnut tables with glass surfaces.

Upholstery options for the settee include: white muslin which can be tinted to your hearts desire; classic blue; and blue floral, a hand-painted floral design coloured in Classic Blue, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 – perfect to take you into the new year in style. Sits up to 2 avatars with 46 PG poses to choose from via menu on sit.

Each piece is only 3 land impact.

Original mesh by our own Jack (Markus Slingshot).

⁣Copy and mod, no transfer. This means you can rez as many as you want within land impact limits plus edit the object’s size, name, contents list, etc.

Due to scripts and animations in object contents it may appear as copy, no modify, no transfer but it is modifiable. The scripts/poses/etc inside are no mod.

Get this set: SLurl // Marketplace

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