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About ChiMia

ChiMia: Homes, furniture, and decor
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ChiMia sells furniture, decor, accessories, props, and more for Second Life avatars and homes.

Our products are virtual and made for use exclusively in Second Life. Sorry, you can’t actually use ChiMia items in real life.

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Meet our creators

Jack Nimble (previously Markus Slingshot)

Markus practices 3D modeling and releases his favorite creations on Second Life at ChiMia for others to enjoy. He loves making furniture and decor, and a majority of the mesh at ChiMia is made by him. He loves to role-play on Second Life in his free-time.

Markus on Plurk // Markus on Flickr 

Chiyo Selona

By day Chiyo is a web developer coding like a champ. By night she is a gamer, geek, fangirl, amateur cosplayer, and plays with being a designer on SL. She spends much of her time on SL hiding in her store or workshop and is naturally quiet and shy, until you really get to know her. She prefers texturing, scripting HUDs, and making appliers but dabbles in other areas of content creation as well.

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Feedback & questions: Even the simplest of items often takes hours or days to mesh, texture, script, make ads for, list on the marketplace, make vendors for, etc. We appreciate any feedback we get on our items and even on how we run our store. Don’t be afraid to drop us a note on how we’re doing, or things you’d like us to make, or to even ask questions about our items or policies.

Collaboration: Working together to create this brand, we have learned that collaboration can lead to wonderful things. Contact us to start a conversation about working together on products for events, main store releases, or other types of collaborative business ventures.

ChiMiaStore Resident is our preferred contact in-world for all things ChiMia related.