Second Life bloggers are residents who post about Second Life fashion, design, destinations, events, or really anything SL related and share pictures, videos, and other content with the community with blog posts on various platforms. Many stores and shopping events partner with SL bloggers to get the word out about great creations across the grid, and we are one of the brands that do this.

Where to find blogger pics of ChiMia items

Flickr has been used for years by Second Life residents to easily share pics and vendor ads. We have a Flickr group for anyone to post ChiMia related pics at

Instagram is being adopted by many Second Life residents nowadays to share pics. We have our own Instagram account where we share ChiMia related picture submissions at

Facebook is a widely used platform to share pics and other content, and of course we have our own page at

ChiMia uses Allomancy

We are now using Allomancy to distribute blogger packs and to submit blog posts. We love it because it makes managing blogger packs and blog posts easy for us and our bloggers. We can post release schedules, directly respond to blog post submissions, chat with bloggers, review vacation schedules, and more.

Become a ChiMia Blogger

Get free ChiMia items in exchange for blogging about our stuff!

Blogger Rules:

  • Blog at least one ChiMia creation per month to stay active as a blogger for us.
  • New releases and event blogger packs take priority over older items.
  • ChiMia item should be clearly visible in your picture. Keep in mind images need to be marketable for public viewing as their purpose is to promote the brand on different platforms. Clarity, Colors and Juxtaposition are paramount for advertising. We will attempt to spread the word about your posts on our own blog and social media if we have time.
  • Leave all your links to each of your blog posts with ChiMia creations on Allomancy. The more the merrier!
  • If you do not submit your blog posts within the time limit, you will be automatically removed by the system (so keep us informed of issues.)
  • If you cannot blog for a few days/weeks/more for whatever reason, please add your vacation days to Allomancy so we know you’re on break.