Rustic Fireplace Shelves

Decorate your home with this refurbished fireplace made to be used as shelving.

Rustic Fireplace Shelves PIC wide

Both empty shelves and shelves with books versions included. Empty shelves are great for rezzing your own items.

Low land impact. Only 1 land impact at its original size.

Original mesh creation by our own Jack (Markus Slingshot).

Copy and mod, no transfer. This means you can rez as many as you want within land impact limits plus edit the object’s size, name, contents, etc.

This item is at a discounted price due to its age and quality. We created it a while back and through community support, customer feedback, and practice our creation skills have improved since then. Enjoy this lower price on our outlet item, and don’t forget to check out our newer creations.

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