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  • Teak Essentials Set

    Teak Essentials Set

    Modern teak wood furniture set for a gathering spaces or living rooms. 3 sets of freestanding shelving plus dresser, side table, coffee table, and settee that seats up to 5 avatars at once with over 30 PG poses/animations to choose from. All original mesh by our Jack Nimble. Most pieces are 1-2 land impact, with…

  • Repurposed Locker Shelves

    Repurposed Locker Shelves

    Upcycled from some old school lockers, this collection of roomy repurposed shelves is the perfect combination of storage and style. Shiny metal details lend each unit a retro-industrial facade, and an extra layer of color gives it depth and character. Scatter a few around your home as unique space-savers or stack them all side-by-side to…

  • Joanne Console

    Joanne Console

    Now available in our main store and on our marketplace store: the Joanne Console in 7 colors. Crafted in classic mid-century modern fashion, the Joanne Console borrows its iconic features from textbook ‘50’s and ‘60’s furniture design.

  • Mantaut Cabinet

    Mantaut Cabinet

    Bring the provincial flavor of classic French décor to your space with this gorgeous wooden curio cabinet. From its tiered cornice and rich burgundy color to its sturdy base and handsome wide door, this piece is brimming with traditional character and style alike. The clear glass door reveals three shelves inside, making a fine home…

  • Midnight Sideboard

    Midnight Sideboard

    Lovely shabby wooden sideboard table with detailed textures. Now in the main store and on the marketplace.

  • Welsh Dressers

    Welsh Dressers

    Great antique storage piece for just about any room.

  • Industrial Shelving

    Industrial Shelving

    Get these shelves to hold your stuff

  • Rustic Fireplace Shelves

    Rustic Fireplace Shelves

    Decorate your home with this refurbished fireplace made to be used as shelving.