Midnight Sideboard

Lovely shabby wooden sideboard table with detailed textures. Now in the main store and on the marketplace.

Reading Nook Set

We have a brand new furniture and decor set perfect for book worms out there. Now in the main store and on the marketplace.

Tchotchke Shelves

Now in store and on the SL Marketplace: Tchotchke Shelves in rose gold, steel, and wood.

The Alexander Collection

Now in store and on the SL Marketplace: The Alexander Collection with texture change modern looking sofa, armchair, and ottoman.

Francine Accent Chair

Check out our NEW item, the Francine Accent Chair. It’s beautifully meshed by our own Markus Slingshot (Jack). Color choices available all fit a matching light color scheme. 36 PG animations/poses. Fatpack has all colors plus a texture change menu version.

Midsummer Outdoor Dining Set

A perfect addition to any garden party, this outdoor dining set comprises a table and a chair with 11 poses/animations.
Copy, modify, no transfer. Due to scripts and animations the chair contains it may appear as copy, no modify, no transfer but it is modifiable.
All original mesh. ChiMia is SLOCCA verified.

Florentine Bench

The new Florentine Bench is a two seater garden or street bench and it’s in the ChiMia main store now!
It is 1 land impact, original mesh, and has 18 PG poses for each sitter.
Has copy & mod permissions so you can rez and edit as many copies as you wish. (scripts etc inside are no mod).

Welsh Dressers

 Great antique piece for just about any room. Room on shelves for your own decor pieces. Cabinet doors do not open, sorry. Materials enabled. Original mesh SLOCCA. Only 1 land impact each. Available in 3 different textures, or a fat pack with all. Get this item: SLurl // Marketplace Great blogger pic with this item:

Overtime Chair

Leather chair with 17 combined sit and leaning back PG animations. Great for those nights where your avatar puts in overtime at the office and needs to relax. Original mesh creation, SLOCCA. 1 land impact each. Copy & mod so you can rez and edit as many as you wish. (Scripts & animations inside no…

Vintage Shell Armchairs

Shabby vintage distressed leather armchair great for multi-room use. Sits 1 avatar with 20 PG poses. Original mesh. Only 1 land impact. Copy & mod so you can rez and edit as many as you want. Available in these colors: Blue, Brown, Floral, White Created for Vintage Fair 2016. Get this item: SLurl // Fat…

Ephemeral Fireplace

  Shabby chic fireplace with lots of details. 4 land impact.Original mesh, SLOCCACopy & mod so you can edit and rez as many as you wish. Get this item: SLurl // Marketplace   Great blogger pics with this item Click the pictures to go to Flickr and give the blogger kudos & a favorite  

Hello Spring Gacha

We have another great home & garden set of prizes for this gacha, great for decorating hallways or other rooms. 3 photo frames each only 1 land impact with replaceable photo. 1 house plant, 1 LI. 1 terrarium in a bottle, 1 LI. 1 spring letters, 1 LI. 1 table with cloth, 2 LI. Available…

Shabby Seaside Gacha

Shabby home & garden themed gacha now in the main store. L$50 each play gets you a random prize from the 7 items shown. Rare is the Katrina Cottage with one room plus a small loft! Originally created for The Gacha Garden in spring 2016. SLurl to play

Dreams Gacha Event for Spring

We’re in the Dreams gacha event for April! Check out the event April 6-28 for lots of great dreamy spring items from lots of creators, including us. We have another home & garden set of prizes for this one, great for decorating hallways or other rooms. 3 photo frames each only 1 land impact with…

Threadbare Leather Sofa

A shabby leather sofa for 3 people. Materials enabled. 20 poses. Sits up to 3 avatars. Only 3 Land impact. Copy & mod (scripts & stuff inside no mod). Originally created for Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event in March 2016. Get this item: SLurl // Marketplace   Fantastic blogger pics with this item Give them a like!

Moroccan Chic Gacha for Gacha Guardians

We’re in the new Gacha Guardians event For this event we have a brand new set of Moroccan furniture we hope you will love. The event is April 1st-30th 2016. 5 commons (tables & pouffes), 1 rare (hookah). Pouffes are leather and have 7 gender neutral poses. All materials enabled. Only 1 land impact EACH….

Franklin Fireplace for The Challenge

This month’s theme for The Challenge is metal, so we present the new Franklin Fireplace This item is available in our main store for The Challenge from March 31st 2016 onward. L$280 Only 4 land impact Animated fire Modifyable and copy so you can rez and adjust for multiple rooms Get this item: SLurl  

Derby Seats

Every derby needs a place for the audience to sit and watch, so we present just that! Our Derby Seats is one original mesh item with seating for up to 3 in semi shabby metal chairs. These seats would do well in any setting that needs seating for a lot of people. It has 14…

Preview for Cosmopolitan

Hi, it’s Markus here! I just wanted to show off a preview of the brown leather version of the sofa collection we’re releasing at the Cosmopolitan event on 13th March. There will be various versions of this sofa available including various dyed leather finishes and fabric patterns. All will be materials enabled for extra realism….

Falling Snow Pallet Bed

Why get a regular, boring bed when you can have one with an animated image on the bed covers? Yes, this one uses your viewer’s media functions to display an animated snow scene! Even if the animation won’t play you’ll see a nice, white bed cover. Great fallback option in case of technical difficulties with…

Rustic Door Vanity

An old door refurbished into a vanity! There’s shelf space for your items, and a stool. Original mesh. 1 land impact. Seriously. Stool is equipped with 12 poses for any gender, plus an adjustment option for your avi. Created for GEN-Neutral Round 3. Get this item: SLurl // Marketplace   Great blogger pics with this…