Flourish Mar-Apr 2020

ChiMia has joined the discount sales event Flourish for the March-April 2020 round to bring you great deals. This month we’re going for an outdoor social distancing retreat theme.

Flourish is a monthly discount sales event where all items will be priced between 70-99L

Flourish Event Staff

We have these items out at the event for the low price of L$70-99 each:

  • Folding Camping Seats
  • Camping Tent
  • Gingham Picnic Table
  • Raft Dock

A little preview of the items we have out at this event:

Folding Camping Seat. Color change via menu on touch with 8 fabric color options and either metal, plastic, or wood structures. Sits up to 2 avatars with 52 PG poses to choose from via menu on sit. On sale at the event for L$99.
Camping Tent in a neutral fabric and wood structure with a wooden floor base. Big and spacious with room for your camping gear. On sale at the event for L$99.
Gingham Picnic Table. Wooden table with benches that sits up to 4 avatars with 26 PG animations to choose from via menu on sit. Gingham fabric table cloth and flower pot for decor. On sale at the event for L$70.
Raft Dock. Floating raft with wooden top and metal base plus a ladder. Leaves room for furniture and decor on top for outdoor fun. On sale at the event for L$70.

This round of Flourish is open from 23 March through 15 April 2020.

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