A Fighting Chance Fundraiser

ChiMia is participating in a fundraiser event for a fellow Second Life resident in need

Hear Ulaa’s story below

6 weeks ago I took one of the biggest steps of my life and filed a domestic violence restraining order against the father of my child. He was removed from our home and my child and I started rebuilding our lives. Since that removal, my now-ex has harassed me repeatedly and is retaliating by trying to take my child away because I finally filed for permanent, full custody. Unfortunately, at this time, I do not qualify for assistance from Legal Aid.

I have contacted my local bar association and found an attorney willing to take on my case at a significantly reduced cost — nearly close to probono. However, I still cannot afford this vital assistance. I’ve reached out to shelters, local charities, and the Domestic Violence Resource Center in the hopes of being put in touch with a lawyer willing to help me free of charge and was unsuccessful. My only choice at this point is to pay to defend my custody petition if I want to ensure my son stays safe with me.

My prospective lawyer has given me a quote of $1800-$1900 for a custody case billed out at his reduced rate, to be paid as a retainer. They do not anticipate it costing more than this and if so, once the retainer is depleted, they will work with me on a payment plan suitable to my SSDI payments. They require the retainer upfront.

My child’s father has an attorney and they have mailed me their response to the custody petition I filed. My prospective attorney will begin work on the custody case ASAP, once his retainer fee has been satisfied. Currently there is no hearing set yet, but that can change rather suddenly and without notice.

I am scared. My 12 y/o child who is autistic is also terrified.

We need help your help.

How ChiMia is helping

We have set up several items at the fundraiser location with 50%-100% of the proceeds as donation to this fundraiser. Stop by during the event to check out our items and creations from other designers from across the grid.

Our Derbyshire Collection of chairs, side tables, tiki head statues, and magazine stacks are available at this event at 50%-100% donation of profits to the fundraiser. We have a few other great items out as well.

Teleport to the fundraiser