Norsk Loft for FLF 21 Aug 2020

BIG NEW RELEASE ? Out with the old, in with the colourful with the Norsk Loft!

A clean, modern, and vibrant apartment featuring expansive single-pane windows, modern wood panelling, two partially-divided rooms, and the option to buy a fatpack HUD allowing you to mix & match different colours. With a land impact of only 32 at original size, this loft is perfect for anyone with a smaller parcel or on a LI budget.

With the fatpack HUD, you can colour each room’s panels and the room divider independently, allowing up to 165 different colour combination*.

Original wood version of the Norsk Loft is available now for L$50 for Fifty Linden Friday 21. August 2020. Other colours (L$50 each) and the discounted fatpack (L$250) are available for Saturday Sale 22 August 2020. All are available this weekend.

Happy shopping & stay safe! ♥️

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*N.B. Any mathematics purported by ChiMia are to be taken with a grain of salt due to their general incomprehension of the subject and use of questionable online calculators to figure out the total number of colour combinations for this item.