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Halloween Blog Pics

We love Halloween

We love it when bloggers notify us of pictures they posted using our creations. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Halloween themed blog pics with ChiMia items.

Check out each blogger on Flickr through the links. They do great work!

Elise Onmura

ChiMia:: Church Pew Holy White
In this photo: Church Pew [Holy White]

Esenia Cerinei


Into the night
In this photo: Necrotic Nuptials Table

Bυɳɳι Dҽ’Lυɳαɾι

In this photo: Bloody Cake

Esenia Cerinei

Last Preparations
In this photo: Necrotic Nuptials Table

Elaine Lectar

Arween Whitfield

In this photo: Victorian Street Lamp


In this photo: Simple Fireplace

Rissa Bolissima

Coffee First
In this photo: Necrotic Nuptials Table, Happy Halloween Light Letters, Light Rustic Pergola, Delicious Treats Collection, Metallic Pumpkins, Pumpkin Spice Reed Diffuser, Toffee Apples