Wavy Summer Chair for Wanderlust Weekend 1-2 Oct 2022

Wanderlust Weekend is a magically conjured ‘weekend sale’ in collaboration with Second Life’s most talented. There are other weekend sales, but this sale is specifically aimed at the fantasy and simple joys of a romantic fairytale, a magical dream, or a wonderful adventure! We want to bring fantasy back into Second Life.

Wanderlust Weekend

ChiMia is on the creator rotation list for Wanderlust Weekend, and this week is our turn again.

This time for the event we have our Wavy Summer Chair on sale in our main store for only L$50 during 1-2 October 2022.

10 colors in the same wavy pattern: aqua, blue, green, grey, tan, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow. Texture change menu on touch to change the color.

2 land impact.

36 PG animations/poses on sit.

Original mesh by our Jack Nimble.

Modify, but contents inside (scripts, poses, etc) are no modify.

TAXI to ChiMia
Wanderlust Weekend Shopping Gallery