The 8th Midwinter Fair

ChiMia has joined this year’s Midwinter Fair from Jan 19-24th, which is run by the same people who run the shopping event Redeux.

At this event you’ll find lots of great winter creations by creators from across the grid with big discounts.

ChiMia has several items out at the event at 50% off.

ChiMia’s booth at The 8th Midwinter Fair

ChiMia creations at the fair set at 50% off: Blackboard Orgainzer, Japanese Foods wall art, Yule Candelabras, Smart Speaker, Retro Telephone, ChiBook Laptop (media enabled to view websites), Classic Standing Lamp, Midnight Sideboard, Log Burner Stove, and Winter Sled (sits 2 avatars).

Come check out the event from January 19-24th 2019.