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  • Pride Balloons

    Pride Balloons

    A bundle of floating balloons that are tied together at the bottom with a weight.

  • Hanging Pride Flags

    Hanging Pride Flags

    Add some pride to your decor with this unique set of banner-style hanging flags. Each one adds the burst of color you’ve been looking for as you search for the finishing touches that bring your space to life. Perfect for feeling at home the moment you walk through the door.

  • Repurposed Locker Shelves

    Repurposed Locker Shelves

    Upcycled from some old school lockers, this collection of roomy repurposed shelves is the perfect combination of storage and style. Shiny metal details lend each unit a retro-industrial facade, and an extra layer of color gives it depth and character. Scatter a few around your home as unique space-savers or stack them all side-by-side to…