Redeux April 2017

ChiMia is in the new event Redeux from April 14th-21st, 2017

We have lots of our items at the event at super low prices plus a free gift.

Old and new items are allowed at this event. There’s gachas and non-gacha items. More about the event:

Welcome to the NEW Redeux event, a bi-monthly event sponsored by 25 L Tuesday, 30 L Saturday, and 35 L Sunday. This debut round will run April 14 – 21 — Noon SLT.

What makes Redeux different?

In this event, you will find over 60 merchants offering both gacha and non-gacha items. In each of the merchant stalls, there will be at least one offering at 25, 30, or 35 L, and many will also have 50% off items. Plus there is a valued customer gift in each stall. You are invited to come and check out these exceptional bargains.

Taxi to the event // Event Flickr