Geometric Nail Appliers

12 nail art designs in geometric patterns for Omega compatible, Slink, and Maitreya mesh bodies

Kurenai for Feb ’18

Our exclusive items: Fun socks with various Japan themed graphics (Buddha, Geisha, Neko, Sakura, Tokyo Tower).

Sushi Nail Appliers

  Nail polish that looks like yummy sushi! Comes in 5 designs with each intended to go to a different nail: rice ball, salmon, tuna, kingfish, egg. Included are appliers to add these nail polish styles to your Omega compatible, Slink, and Maitreya mesh bodies. SLurl // Marketplace

Etoile for January

Etoile is a cute and magical themed event with great creators from all across the grid. Our new exclusive items: Zodiac Pastel Nail Appliers for Slink and Omega. Jan 5th-29th 2018.

Delicious themed items for Kurenai December 2017

ChiMia is sponsoring the December 2017 round of Kurenai. For this round of Kurena we at ChiMia have new delicious food themed exclusive items: Japanese Foods Wall Art and Sushi Nail Appliers.


Tannenbaum is a pop-up holiday market running from November 25th through December 25th. It’s organized and presented by Prism Events, the creators of Bloom and Salem. Check out our new, exclusive holiday items for this event.

Black Friday at Redeux

Redeux’s Black Friday event is from Nov 23-28. Stop by anytime in those dates for 50% off our items and gachas. 50% off these items 50% off these gachas   SLurl to Redeux Hope to see you there between November 23-28, 2017!

Cast Iron Fireplace

Cast Iron Fireplace is only 1 land impact and original mesh. It has materials, so the metal shines. Copy and mod so you can rez and resize as many as you wish to fit your needs.