A note about updated versions of products

We have been updating some previous releases of items with new versions.

Better scripts, more colors/patterns, more poses/animations, etc. There will be more of these types of updates in the future. We try to improve our skills and provide better creations to the Second Life community.

Unfortunately, it seems sending updated versions of items to customers who purchased these items is considered spam. We used the update system to send an update only to people who had purchased the item in the past. Yet it was considered spam and our account was suspended temporarily. So we will stop sending updates automatically.

If you wish to get a re-delivery, such as to get the new version, use the many re-delivery terminals around our store to get it delivered. You can do this at any time for any reason.

ChiMia info boards in the main store

Our vendor system should prevent you from purchasing the same product twice. It should refund you if you attempt to re-purchase for yourself. This is when you can use the re-delivery terminals to get a new copy of the latest version.

Teleport to the ChiMia main store to see these terminals