Moroccan Chic Gacha for Gacha Guardians

We’re in the new Gacha Guardians event

For this event we have a brand new set of Moroccan furniture we hope you will love. The event is April 1st-30th 2016.

5 commons (tables & pouffes), 1 rare (hookah).
Pouffes are leather and have 7 gender neutral poses.
All materials enabled.
Only 1 land impact EACH.

For this gacha event there is a special prize after 10 plays:

moroccan chic gotg ad 2048

After the event the fountain prize will no longer be available, but the rest of the gacha will be in the store.

You can find this gacha in our main store after April 1st 2016

How To
Shopping Guide will not be finished until the 31st.