GEN-Neutral Round 5

We’re in GEN-Neutral yet again for round 5!

This time around the event exclusive is an apartment skybox home made by Markus. Demo is at ChiMia and it is available for purchase at GEN-Neutral (since it’s an event exclusive).

neutral apartment plan advert

Be at home in our beautiful new apartment. With classic tiling and molding, this property will never go out of fashion. Balancing on a line between clean architecture and shabby chic, this apartment is perfect for everyone.

Apartment skybox with one large room and a hallway leading to 2 smaller rooms.
Great for homes (living room & 2 bedrooms) OR a small store.
This is meant to be a skybox and thus has no outside decorations to the building.
17m by 15m approx footprint.

Demo // SLurl to GEN-Neutral