Gacha Garden May 2017

It’s time for another round of Gacha Garden, and ChiMia has another great creation for the event

Our new Folium chair is in the game for this round with lots of color and pattern options.

  • Only 1 land impact each
  • 16 PG poses/animations in each
  • Gold or silver metallic details (materials)
  • Original mesh creation (we’re SLOCCA verified)

Common prizes are solid color fabrics in both silver and gold trims.

Rare prizes are patterned fabrics in silver or gold trims.

Plus if you play 20 times you get the seeds of inspiration prize:


ALSO, if you’re in the in-world group Gimme Gacha then you get this prize:


Visit Gacha Garden during the month of May 2017 to check out this gacha and tons of other gachas from other creators.

This gacha is exclusive to this event and will only be at ChiMia after the event is over.

Gacha Garden: SLurl // Website // How to Play