50% Refund Store-wide Sale until 12 Sept 2021

We’re saying goodbye to gachas since they’re being banned grid-wide! We’re also due for another store-wide sale so this is a good time to clean house and offer great deals for you all.

50% auto-refund after purchase in the ChiMia main store.

(Because we’re on CasperVend and that’s how store-wide sales work on that system).

Excluded: gift cards

During the sale, we’ll be re-organizing displays in the store for our creations. Things will get moved around. It’ll be okay, but we apologize for any inconvenience. We’re trying to improve things over here.

Notes about gachas

Also, our gachas are being re-packaged and becoming available as normal items and packs for sale with modify, copy, and no transfer permissions. Some are done, some are coming very soon.

If you have purchased gacha prizes in the past and you want “normal” permissions (modify, copy, no transfer) instead, you can trade them in and we’ll send you replacements. Send your gachas in a folder with your name on it to ChiMiaStore then give us a day or two to get them back to you.

We’ll run the sale until 12 September 2021.

SLurl to the main store

Looking for something specific? Check out these areas of the store: furnishings, buildings, garden.

Don’t forget to check out The Outlet, where we have old/cheap creations which are also on sale.