VIP Group discounts for early March

Exclusively for our ChiMia VIP Group members, we have several discounts and freebies at our in-world main store right now 100% off: Earthenwood Loft Rustic Cabin Present Wrapping Gift Yule Fireplace Winter Sled 75% off: Industrial Shelving Upcycled coffee table 50% off: Log Burner Stove Franklin Fireplace   Join our VIP group, wear your group tag, and come to the main store to get these … Continue reading VIP Group discounts for early March

New ChiMia VIP Group

Good news for ChiMia fans who love home, garden, props, accessories, gachas, and more. Introducing our V.I.P (or rather V.I.A for Very Important Avatar) group for ChiMia! 20% off in-store items (not gachas) New releases 50% off for one week Exclusive gifts & sales Group gifts are available in store now at 100% off for VIP members, and full price for non-members. Store vendors are … Continue reading New ChiMia VIP Group