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  • Teak Essentials Set

    Teak Essentials Set

    Modern teak wood furniture set for a gathering spaces or living rooms. 3 sets of freestanding shelving plus dresser, side table, coffee table, and settee that seats up to 5 avatars at once with over 30 PG poses/animations to choose from. All original mesh by our Jack Nimble. Most pieces are 1-2 land impact, with…

  • The Alexander Collection

    The Alexander Collection

    Now in store and on the SL Marketplace: The Alexander Collection with texture change modern looking sofa, armchair, and ottoman.

  • Knightsbridge Gacha

    Knightsbridge Gacha

    In-store now is the Knightsbridge Gacha, a lovely set of furniture for your home. Pay the machine and get a random prize! Keep playing as much as you want. Prizes: 2 different colors of the leather chair which has 18 poses and 1 land impact each 1 sofa with 20 poses and sits 2 at…

  • Threadbare Leather Sofa

    Threadbare Leather Sofa

    A shabby leather sofa that sits up to 3 avatars.