Zodiac Pastel Nail Appliers

In store and on the marketplace are our Zodiac Nail Appliers for Slink and Omega compatible mesh hands and feet.

60s Vintage Tights

In store and on the marketplace are our 60s Vintage Tights. Includes system layered clothing PLUS appliers for Omega, Slink, and Maitreya.

Geometric Nail Appliers

12 nail art designs in geometric patterns for Omega compatible, Slink, and Maitreya mesh bodies

Sushi Nail Appliers

  Nail polish that looks like yummy sushi! Comes in 5 designs with each intended to go to a different nail: rice ball, salmon, tuna, kingfish, egg. Included are appliers to add these nail polish styles to your Omega compatible, Slink, and Maitreya mesh bodies. SLurl // Marketplace

Cast Iron Fireplace

Cast Iron Fireplace is only 1 land impact and original mesh. It has materials, so the metal shines. Copy and mod so you can rez and resize as many as you wish to fit your needs.

Dancing Skeleton Socks

In store and on the marketplace now is our Dancing Skeleton Socks for default SL avatars, Slink, Omega, and Maitreya.

Folium Chair Gacha

In store now is our Folium Chair Gacha. Pay the machine to win a random prize at our in-world store. Demos sitting out near the machine.

Steampunk Bathtub

Add a little steampunk to your home with this Bathtub. Fills with water & steam on touch. PG singles & couples poses, sitting 1-2 avatars.

Gingham Picnic Table

New outdoor picnic table great for family and friend gatherings.
Sits up to 4 avatars, 28 PG poses/animations via Avsitter 2.0, 5 land impact.

Surreal Swim Wall Art

New Fantasy Wall Art in store and on the Marketplace now
Only 1 land impact. Has copy & mod permissions so you can rez and edit as many copies as you wish.