Store Policies

If there are any problems with items or delivery of items, send ChiMiaStore a notecard in-world with transaction information and a description of the issue.

Regular items

  • Original creations: All of our items are completely original mesh created by Markus Slingshot or appliers and accessories created by Chiyo Selona. We respect intellectual copyright laws and only used licensed assets in our works. If you find that we’ve messed up and are violating these rules, please let us know. Our prices reflect these original and licensed works, and fund all the creators fairly.
  • Creators: The creators of ChiMia are Chiyo Selona, Markus Slingshot, and ChiMiaStore Resident. If you find any of our items being sold in Second Life or the SL Marketplace by anyone other than us or ChiMiaStore (other than gacha resells) those items are copybotted. We would greatly appreciate copybotted items being reported to us.
  • Product re-delivery: If you require a redelivery, you will find our redelivery terminal close to the front entrance of our main store in-world. If you can’t find it or it glitches (because this is SL we’re talking about), then you can contact ChiMiaStore for assistance.


  • Refunds: Gachas are a complete game of chance. As such, we are not prepared to exchange any amount of gacha items for another item if you do not get what you want out of the gacha. If there’s a legitimate flaw in the piece, however, we can discuss getting the issue addressed and replaced.
  • Trades: We understand the insecurity of no copy, transfer permission items disappearing due to Second Life bugs and glitches. Therefore, we have a policy of trading no copy, transfer gacha items for a copy, no transfer version of the item. Please contact ChiMiaStore in-world to swap. You can send her a folder with your trades named with your name, and she can send back the copy / no transfer versions when she’s next online.