Francine Accent Chair for The Saturday Sale 18 August 2018

Check out our NEW item, the Francine Accent Chair. This item will be at ChiMia as part of the The Saturday Sale event on 18 August 2018 for only L$50 individually and L$75 for the fat pack. It will be available afterwards in our store and marketplace at a normal price.

Metallic Photo Frames

Sturdy looking metallic photo frames in 3 sizes: square, landscape, and portrait. Materials enabled for shiny metal and glass front. Use keyboard ctrl+ drag photo from inventory to the object to change the picture.

Earthenwood Loft

Highly detailed skybox loft build great for residential or commercial use.

Cast Iron Fireplace

Cast Iron Fireplace is only 1 land impact and original mesh. It has materials, so the metal shines. Copy and mod so you can rez and resize as many as you wish to fit your needs.

Dancing Skeleton Socks

In store and on the marketplace now is our Dancing Skeleton Socks for default SL avatars, Slink, Omega, and Maitreya.

Steampunk Bathtub

Add a little steampunk to your home with this Bathtub. Fills with water & steam on touch. PG singles & couples poses, sitting 1-2 avatars.

Gingham Picnic Table

New outdoor picnic table great for family and friend gatherings.
Sits up to 4 avatars, 28 PG poses/animations via Avsitter 2.0, 5 land impact.

Surreal Swim Wall Art

New Fantasy Wall Art in store and on the Marketplace now
Only 1 land impact. Has copy & mod permissions so you can rez and edit as many copies as you wish.