Gift Card Usage

Hello, and thanks for using a ChiMia gift card!

If you still want to get a gift card, check out our main store in-world or purchase on the Marketplace.

Gift cards may not work on gachas or in certain events.


Using the card is really easy, just:

1. Go to a ChiMia store in-world and find an item you want to buy.

We suggest the main store.

2. Wear the gift card, if you haven’t already. It will appear on your HUD.

ChiMia gift card example

3. Touch the ChiMia vendor board, price tag, or other item you wish to purchase. You may have to ‘right click > Touch’ in order to bypass the payment option.

ChiMia vendor right click and touch


4. A picture of the product will appear on your gift card, and the price will appear in floating text above the card.

ChiMia gift card buy now

5. Just click “BUY NOW” to immediately debit your card and the item will be delivered to you!


If you have any problem using this card please contact ChiMiaStore in-world.