Old Bistro Table & Chair Set

Shabby table & chair set great for outdoor dining. Original mesh. 20 single poses in chairs. Each piece is only 1 land impact. Copy & mod so you can edit and rez as many as you want. (scripts & poses inside no mod) Originally created for Lost & Found April 2016. Get this item: SLurl // Marketplace   Great blogger pics with this item Click … Continue reading Old Bistro Table & Chair Set

High Fliers Gacha

In store now! Pay our gacha for one of the random areal prizes in the photo. L$50 per play. The chairs are attachments for your avatar with included gender neutral sitting pose. The sofa is rezable on land and sits up to 2 avatars with 20 pose options. Each item is no copy but transferable. Share and trade with your friends. Only available in the … Continue reading High Fliers Gacha