Gingham Picnic Table

New outdoor picnic table great for family and friend gatherings.
Sits up to 4 avatars, 28 PG poses/animations via Avsitter 2.0, 5 land impact.

Midsummer Outdoor Dining Set

A perfect addition to any garden party, this outdoor dining set comprises a table and a chair with 11 poses/animations.
Copy, modify, no transfer. Due to scripts and animations the chair contains it may appear as copy, no modify, no transfer but it is modifiable.
All original mesh. ChiMia is SLOCCA verified.

Florentine Bench

The new Florentine Bench is a two seater garden or street bench and it’s in the ChiMia main store now!
It is 1 land impact, original mesh, and has 18 PG poses for each sitter.
Has copy & mod permissions so you can rez and edit as many copies as you wish. (scripts etc inside are no mod).

Old White Fence

An old white picket fence for that rustic look. Original mesh. Only 1 land impact. Copy & mod so you can edit and rez as many as you want. Originally created for Lost & Found in April 2016. Get this item: SLurl // Marketplace   Great blogger pics with this item Click them & give…

High Fliers Gacha

In store now! Pay our gacha for one of the random areal prizes in the photo. L$50 per play. The chairs are attachments for your avatar with included gender neutral sitting pose. The sofa is rezable on land and sits up to 2 avatars with 20 pose options. Each item is no copy but transferable….

Winter Sled

Go sledding with a loved one with this winter sled! Original mesh. 3 land impact for posed version. 1 land impact for rezzed version. Sits 1-2 people. 4 couple poses. 1 single pose. Copy & mod (scripts inside no mod). Get this item: SLurl // Marketplace   Great blogger pic with this item Click through…