Folium Chair Gacha

In store now is our Folium Chair Gacha. Pay the machine to win a random prize at our in-world store. Demos sitting out near the machine.

Knightsbridge Gacha

In-store now is the Knightsbridge Gacha, a lovely set of furniture for your home. Pay the machine and get a random prize! Keep playing as much as you want. Prizes: 2 different colors of the leather chair which has 18 poses and 1 land impact each 1 sofa with 20 poses and sits 2 at…

Hello Spring Gacha

We have another great home & garden set of prizes for this gacha, great for decorating hallways or other rooms. 3 photo frames each only 1 land impact with replaceable photo. 1 house plant, 1 LI. 1 terrarium in a bottle, 1 LI. 1 spring letters, 1 LI. 1 table with cloth, 2 LI. Available…

Moroccan Chic Gacha

We have a set of Moroccan furniture we hope you will love. 5 commons (tables & pouffes), 1 rare (hookah). Pouffes are leather and have 7 gender neutral poses. All materials enabled. Only 1 land impact EACH. Available in the ChiMia main store.   Great blogger pics with this item Click and give them a…

High Fliers Gacha

In store now! Pay our gacha for one of the random areal prizes in the photo. L$50 per play. The chairs are attachments for your avatar with included gender neutral sitting pose. The sofa is rezable on land and sits up to 2 avatars with 20 pose options. Each item is no copy but transferable….

Shabby Seaside Gacha

Shabby home & garden themed gacha now in the main store. L$50 each play gets you a random prize from the 7 items shown. Rare is the Katrina Cottage with one room plus a small loft! Originally created for The Gacha Garden in spring 2016. SLurl to play

Bowtiful Bag Gacha

Out in our main store now for 20Twenty is our new Bowtiful Bag gacha with no rares. L$40 per play during 20Twenty, and L$50 per play afterwards. Each bag rezzes to only 1 land impact. 9 colors available, and did we mention no rares? SLurl to main store and gacha