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Blogger Application

Get free ChiMia products in exchange for posting about ChiMia in your blog.

Sound like a good deal? If so, you may want to consider applying to be a ChiMia blogger!

We are looking to partner with great Second Life bloggers all across the grid to help get the word out about our store and products. ChiMia creators spend lots of time trying to create lots of great items (mostly home & garden, buildings, props, and accessories) for use by Second Life residents. Bloggers on SL look for great items to show off and talk about in their blogs. It makes sense to trade services and help each other.

Blogger rules and info:

  1. All bloggers must be residents of Second Life and have accounts.
  2. All bloggers must have their own blog. It can be WordPress, Blogspot, Flickr, YouTube, whatever as long as it’s publicly accessible and has a blog or vlog format that is easy to read, has credits to items used, and can be enjoyed by fans.
  3. All bloggers must post about ChiMia products, preferably our newest ones as they are released. We also have existing products available to blog/vlog about.
  4. Making a blog post: Usually blog posts have a picture, then credits stating where all of the items in the picture are from. Blog posts can also have stories, reviews, inspirational songs or videos for the picture, and more. As a blogger, you’re the artist and author and can format your posts with whatever style you wish. As a ChiMia blogger you should have some posts with ChiMia products showcased and credit ChiMia as the creator of those products created by ChiMia.
  5. Post frequency: Ideally we would love you to blog everything we make and give an honest review about it all, but we know that may be a bit silly. As long as you blog about ChiMia products at least once per month with credits of items used we should be good. At least 1 ChiMia product should be in your blog/vlog post and it should be properly credited for it to count to your 1 post per month quota.
  6. Taking blogging breaks: Vacations and emergencies happen, so if you need to take any sort of blogging break or will be away from Second Life for a while please let us know so we don’t drop you as a blogger due to inactivity. We do use Blogotex to manage all of the blog posts, blogger packs, etc and it has features for you to go on vacation so please use that. If you have troubles please let one of us know.
  7. Receiving items to blog: Currently we use Blogotex to manage blog posts and blogger packs that you would be added to after acceptance. This is how we get free review items to you so you actually have items to blog about. This is also where you submit your blog posts/pics/videos with our items, set vacation notices, get our event schedule, etc.
  8. What to blog: We sell a lot of home & garden plus some props, accessories, appliers for mesh bodies, and sometimes role-play and nerdy things. Blog posts should show at least one ChiMia product clearly. You don’t have to blog every item, but not blogging anything would be bad and could result in us dropping you as a blogger. Since we’re primarily a home and garden store please at least do those types of items. You can have blog posts with products from us and other stores, or just our products.
  9. Blog post credits: Please credit your blog pics and posts with our store name, name of of the item in the post/pic, and a location for viewers to find the item. Location can be this very website, our in-world main store, a link to the item on the marketplace in our store (if it’s available there), or the event where the item is at (if it’s a product for an event). Yes, we also need credits on your Flickr posts.
  10. After you blog: We encourage bloggers to post their blog pics on our Flickr group so they can be seen by us and fans. Please make sure credits are on the Flickr post. If you don’t do Flickr then please send us a link to your blog post, which can be done within Blogotex.
  11. Spreading the word: ChiMia will attempt to spread the word about your blog in exchange for blogging our items. This can be in the form of: links to your blog on our website, sharing your pics and posts on our social media and groups, exposure in our Flickr group, your blog pics being shown off on our blog, your blog pics being showcased on our Flickr group header, and more. Please spread the word about our store as well through credits, links on your blog, etc.
  12. When you stop blogging: If, for any reason, you stop posting with ChiMia products for more than a month or break any of our other rules, then we may drop you as a blogger at any time with or without notice. (The exception to this would be you going on vacation or having some sort of emergency or situation where you need to take a break from blogging.)

Application to become a blogger

Apply through our Blogotex terminal at our main store.