The Chapter Four for Jan 2018

We’ve joined The Chapter Four

We’re excited to join this great event for the first time! You can find us in the January 2018 round of Chapter Four in the half price room.


New, exclusive items for this event

For those who have a potty mouth but are still majestic af we have a new wall art pack with fancy designs and lettering.

You can be fancy while cursing. Do it with this great wall art.
Each pack has both black and white frame versions.
Fuck, Shit, Cunt, or get the pack with all three.
Original mesh. We’re SLOCCA verified.
Only one land impact.

The Chapter Four opens on Jan 4th and will last for 2 weeks.

These items will be at The Chapter Four while the event is open. The items will be available for purchase in the ChiMia main store and marketplace store after the event is over.

SLurl // Flickr

Kudos & feedback

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