Blogger Search for Autumn 2017

We’re looking for more active bloggers!

Get free ChiMia products in exchange for posting about ChiMia in your blog.

Sound like a good deal? If so, you may want to consider applying to be a ChiMia blogger!

We are looking to partner with great Second Life bloggers all across the grid to help get the word out about our store and products. ChiMia creators spend lots of time trying to create lots of great items for use by Second Life residents. Fashion and decor bloggers on SL look for great items to show off and talk about in their blogs. It makes sense to trade services and help each other.

We don’t have ridiculous over the top requirements. Blog an item once a month. Easy submission of blog posts via Blogotex. You get blogger packs for events plus regular store items every month to choose items from. All avatar genders and ages. Home & garden, accessories, appliers, props, and more to choose from.

More info // Apply in-world

Kudos & feedback

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