Gingham Picnic Table

New outdoor picnic table great for family and friend gatherings.


  • Sits up to 4 avatars
  • 28 PG poses/animations via Avsitter 2.0
  • 5 land impact

Has copy & mod permissions so you can rez and edit as many copies as you wish.

All original mesh. ChiMia is SLOCCA verified.
Second Life Original Content Creators Association (SLOCCA)

Get this item: SLurl // Marketplace


Great blogger pics with this item

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they say carrots are good for my eyes, they lied :(


Tending To My Lady Garden 😆

Entertain This Spring with ChiMia

SAS - Jaime (No 1 HUD Leather Jacket) & ChiMia (Gingham Picnic Table)

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